Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.
Sep 13, 09:51 BST
Update - We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.
Sep 12, 09:41 BST
Identified - Due to the present industry-wide disruption caused as major banks roll out their new Open Banking connectors (see our blog post for more information on this https://blog.withplum.com/open-banking/), we are currently experiencing a high volume of support requests.

There will be a delay in responding to your message, but we aim to reply to everyone within 24hrs. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of common questions to assist you with your query:

Note: if you are experiencing any issues using our app, please begin by ensuring that you have downloaded the latest release!

Balance Errors - wrong balance displayed after upgrading to Open Banking
UPDATE: Plum will be deploying a fix tomorrow (Wed 4th September)

Barclays - OBA28 / OBA19 error message
UPDATE: Barclay's are aware, and anticipate this will be resolved in the next few days (we’ll update again once there is a workaround)

Halifax & Lloyds - Unable to relink account when prompted
UPDATE: This has been escalated with both banks in question, and they are rolling back the change which caused this problem

HSBC - Android users unable to relink account when prompted
UPDATE: This is an issue within HSBC’s system. We have identified a workaround on a desktop or laptop whereby immediately right-clicking 'click here' (when you see the 'if you are not redirected' message), and then 'open in new window' when you reach this stage, should allow you to bypass this error and continue to the HSBC website to finish relinking your account. Unfortunately this hasn't been verified as a universal fix, but it may allow more of you to bypass the problem!

Santander - Displays an 'Oops' error message before being redirected back to Plum
UPDATE: This is an intermittent problem and so we'd simply advise trying again either later the same day or the following day

Santander - Receive a long error message with 'Status 400'
UPDATE: This could be caused by a problem with Plum, and so we are presently investigating this. We will follow with another update asap.

App Users (all banks) - Prompted to relink even after successfully doing so
UPDATE: We have diagnosed a problem with our app and will be implementing a fix early w/c 9th September

App Users (all banks) - Account email verification does not arrive
UPDATE: We suggest trying this again at a later point and the email should arrive successfully (if this does not work then it may be necessary to reinstall the app)

App Users (all banks) - Error message 'invalid grant' when clicking email verification
UPDATE: This is generated if the email link is not used within 30 minutes, and so can be bypassed by requesting a new email link

For any general questions about Plum, incl. how to withdraw your money, or how to close your account, you can also check the main FAQ section of our website https://intercom.help/withplum/en/.

We hope that this helps, but if the above information does not answer your query then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Plum Team
Sep 3, 15:01 BST

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Sep 10, 10:13 BST
Identified - We're currently experiencing a high volume of support requests, so there may be a delay in dealing with your query. We'll aim to respond to your message within 24hrs, but in the meantime you may find the help section of our website helpful (https://intercom.help/withplum/en/)
Alternatively, we've also compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. I received a message asking me to relink my account... is this genuine?
There's no need for alarm—I can confirm that the message asking you to relink your bank was sent by us, and is completely legitimate! This is to do with Open Banking (you can check out the full post on our blog for more information https://blog.withplum.com/open-banking/).
In short, new regulation means that the banks must adopt technology created for the 21st Century, mobile-world. We're now also required by law to confirm that you're still happy to share your account details with us.
The immediate benefit to this is that linking your account will be much quicker and easier, because we can now use the latest biometric security features built into modern phones.

2. How do I cancel my account?
Firstly, we'd hate to see you go! But, if your mind's made up then in Messenger you can type 'cancel account', then tap 'are you sure about this?! to confirm your cancellation. If using the iOS app then in the bottom right tap 'you', and under the 'danger zone' tap 'close account'.
If you have no funds in you Plum account, you can cancel right away! However, if you still have funds or investments in your Plum account you will need to wait until they are settled first, which can take up to a week. We would recommend pausing your account so no more funds are taken! When all pending transactions are settled you can withdraw all your remaining Plum savings to your linked bank account.
This procedure cancels any active Direct Debit mandates and deletes your bank login information. Once cancelled, you will no longer be able to log-in or chat to Plum anymore.

3. Where's my referral bonus?
We're currently experiencing a backlog in processing referral payments. This is due to a series of attempts to maliciously abuse the system, and unfortunately it means there will be a delay of up to 30 days whilst these are manually verified. :face_with_monocle: We really appreciate you spreading the Plum love though. Hoping to get all these (genuine) referrals paid asap

4. I can't relink my account... what's wrong?
You were asked to upgrade your account because your bank is switching to a new Open Banking connector. This is a result of industry-wide regulation designed for the 21st Century, mobile-world
Unfortunately, all this new exciting tech has not been without it's complications—we initially experienced issues relinking to some banks, but we believe these have now been resolved.
If you're still experiencing an ongoing problem relinking your account, then we'd suggest contacting your bank direct. All parties are working hard to implement the required fixes at present, and so you may well find that if you can wait to try again in a few days that the issue has been resolved.

5. Where are my funds?
It normally takes 4 working days for money you reach your Plum savings once you have made a deposit (either automatic or manual). Because of how Direct Debits work, the money will leave your bank account 2 working days before it reaches your Plum savings, and will be marked 'pending' even if the money has already left your bank account.
If the withdrawal request is made before 3pm, the money should be deposited in your bank account on the same working day, or the next working day at the very latest. This does mean that if the request is made on a Friday, funds may not arrive until the following Monday

Note: if your funds are invested, you first need to request that these be sold before and the money deposited to your Plum savings before you can withdraw to your bank account. Depending on the type of investment, this typically takes around 5 working days
Aug 29, 16:46 BST
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